Our Season Opens - April

We are anticipating starting our Walking Tours April 28, 2022 and our Sailing Tours on May 8, 2022.

Our Changes

    1. We will be offering open seating on all of our cruises. In order to practice social distancing, with the limited amount of cockpit space on the boat, we will also use the space on the deck of the boat. Wearing a mask will be required at all times on all cruises for unvaccinated people. The boat will be properly sanitized between each cruise. (See Our Safety Approach below)
    2. individuals who practice no close contact with people outside of their bubble, we will continue to provide two types of cruises for you. The Private Cruise and the Themed Private Cruise. These cruises can be booked by couples or families who reside in the same household or bubble and the maximum number of passengers can only be 5 persons.
    3. Passengers will verify that they are in the same household or bubble on the registration form.
    4. All crew members and passengers must wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, we will provide a mask for you.

Our Safety Approach

Sailing Cruises
    1. The boat will be sprayed inside and out with a bay friendly CDC approved disinfectant.
    2. The head, cockpit and seating area will be sanitized before and after each outing.
    3. Hand sanitizers will be at the Dock Agent table and on board for use by the passengers and crew.
    4. We will require the crew members and all passengers to wear a mask.
    5. There is a clause added to our waivers that address the issue of sailing at your our risk during this pandemic.
Walking Tours
    1. We will sanitize all of the radio equipment after each tour.
    2. We will practice social distancing on the walking tours and our tour guides will wear masks.
    3. If you do not have a mask we will provide a mask for you.
    4. We are not responsible for the operating hours of the museums that are on the walking tours.

Our Mission

At Chesapeake Windsail Cruises Corporation our passengers, walkers, tour guides, and crew’s safety will always come first.

Chesapeake Windsail Cruises